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Serving Erie and Crawford Counties from Spartansburg, Pennsylvania

Slabwood (green or kiln dried available)

Premium cut hardwood slabs. 14-18" lengths are standard. Custom orders for any length are welcome!

Slab Wood

Slabwood - Green by the truckload             $104 per cord delivered (2.5 cord minimum)

Premium cut and clean hardwood slabs direct from the mill. These slabs are green and we recommend proper seasoning before use. If you need wood to use right away we recommend our kiln dried slabs, seasoned, or kiln dried cordwood. 

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Slabwood - Kiln Dried by the Cord

$205 per cord delivered $185 each on 2 or more

Premium cut and clean hardwood slabs that have been kiln dried to a moisture content of between 16-18% to ensure the highest quality burn.

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