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Pre-Stacked Split Firewood (video at bottom of the page)

Our pre-stacked kiln dried firewood is the ultimate in convenience. Have our premium quality USDA certified kiln dried split firewood delivered to your door. Literally!

If you are tired of the work that goes into a standard bulk delivery of firewood that's dumped in your driveway, then our pre-stacked pallet is ideal for you. With this product, you will not have to worry about staring at a pile of wood in your driveway! With our routine delivery routes (currently every two weeks) you'll never run out of wood again. Better yet, the only time you will need to touch the wood is to burn it!

Using specialized delivery techniques, we can transport a pallet over most ground surfaces. However, we cannot travel upstairs, steep grades, or through deep snow or over soft terrain.

*$20 Core charge applies to all new delivery customers (included in current pricing. Upon 2nd delivery core charge will be waived upon satisfactory pallet exchange.

*Some delivery restrictions apply. We can navigate many obstacles in getting your wood where you desire it. However, the path to your location must be clear of obstructions. We will be more than happy to go over this with you at your convenience. Rest assured that our delivery driver will make every effort to land this product where you desire it. 

"The never ending rack of wood"

Over 1/3 Cord pictured above (Face Cord)  $175 delivered

46.75 cu. ft. pallet 36"W x 34"L x 66"H

Equals over 62 bundles of firewood! 

*Product May Vary Slightly

Stacked Firewood Video

Watch our video which shows you how we deliver beautiful pallets of firewood exactly where you want it!